compositions   ii. orchestra with soloist


Edward’s music at Donemus

Family Songs

For soprano and chamber orchestra: 112[]1/1000/1perc./hp/str (43221)

Four songs

text by Martinus Nijhoff, Hanny Michaelis, Edward Top

Duration: 19’

Year of composition: 2013

Commissioned by Vancouver Symphony Orchestra during tenure as Composer-in-Residence

Premiere: Robyn Driedger Klassen, Vancouver Symphony, Bramwell Tovey; Orpheum Annex Vancouver, Canada; 23 February, 2014

Fugue States

Concerto for saxophone quartet and orchestra:

Saxophone quartet solo [sx sop., sx alt., sx tn., sx bar.]/ 3[3pic]3[3ca]3[3bcl]3[3cbn]/4331/T/2perc/hp/pno/str

Duration: 25’

Year of composition: 2013

Composed for the Rascher Saxophone Quartet and the Vancouver Symphony for the inaugural Vancouver Symphony New Music Festival 2014 during tenure as Composer-in-Residence.

Premiere: Rascher Saxophone Quartet, Vancouver Symphony, Bramwell Tovey; Orpheum Vancouver, Canada; 20 January, 2014

My Skeletonized Portrait

Violin Solo and orchestra: 3[3pic]3[3ca]3[3bcl]3[3cbn]/4231/T/3perc/hp/cel/str

Duration: 10’

Year of composition: 2011

Premiere: Duccio Ceccanti - violin, José Ramon Encinar – conductor, Orchestra del Teatro Comunale di Bologna; Piazza Maggiore, Bologna, Italy; 2 August, 2012

Prize: Third Prize, 2 Agosto Composition Competition, 2012

Witte Wieven - Concerto for Violin and Two Orchestras

Violin Solo/ Orchestra I: 2picc(doubl.fl), 2ob, bcl(, cbn(, 2tp, 3tbn,btb, perc-3pl., hp, pno (doubl.syn), str.(64434)/ Orchestra II: cl, bn, 4 hn, str. (44220)

Duration: 21’

Year of composition: 2007

Commissioned by Holland Symfonia

Written for my brother Tjeerd Top

Premiere: Tjeerd Top – violin, Fabrice Bollon – conductor, Holland Symfonia, Filharmonie Haarlem, Netherlands; 9 December 2007

Score available at